Friday, August 10, 2007

Eating my words

I used to laugh at the way French people all take their holidays at the same time, like sheep.
Now all I have to say is: baaa. I've lived in France for so long - 12 years - that I can't imagine going through a month of August without getting away, even if I do live in the sunniest place in France (by far).
I'm off this weekend to Le Marche, Italy. I've been to Italy many times before but this will be my first time in this region south of Bologna and east of Tuscany. We'll be in the hills between the beaches of Rimini and the historic town of Urbino for the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to fresh pasta, pizza bianca and some of the best fish in the world (or so I hear). I will of course be writing about my trip, but probably not while I'm there, so for now I'll say arrivederci and à bientôt!


Roisin said...

Have a wonderful time! The towns we wandered around in that area included Urbania, which was small but very friendly, and had some good fish stores.

Lucy said...

Arrivederci Rosa. Happy summer hols.

See you on your return. Le Marche is gorgeous, and the fish? You'll LOVE it.

Rosa said...

Thanks Lucy! I'm in the Ligurian town of Levanto on my way to Le Marche - it's gorgeous and so peaceful.

Wendy said...


Nora B. said...

Have a wonderful trip Rosa, I look forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

hi, hope you have a great time, I have just been on a great food blogg about le marche
its called rubber slippers in Italy. Theres a fab write up about it on today's page

Rosa said...

Thanks Roisin, Wendy and Nora for the holiday wishes!

Pennypincherspantry, thanks for telling me about that great site. Now I'll have to go back and taste the foods she discovered!