Friday, June 22, 2007

More jam

Here is my latest batch, this time made with apricots and pretty dubious-looking peaches. I hadn't set out to buy peaches, but I don't argue with producers when they offer me heaps of blemished fruit for next to nothing.
I usually stick to a single fruit for jam and wondered how peach and apricot would work together, but if anything the flavor is even more marvelous than that of the apricots alone. I used the same recipe as for the apricots, first peeling the peaches by pouring boiling water over the fruit - the peel slipped off easily after about a minute. The peaches add a slightly floral taste and fragrance, making this a gentle jam for summer mornings.
This week has been a bit of a turning point in my jam-making - I've finally achieved that sense of "just knowing" when it's done. The one tip I can offer is: if it seems too runny, then it's probably not ready. It thickens in quite a definite way towards the end. Also, don't forget to stir, especially as the jam starts to thicken. At this point it's more likely to stick and burn, which is not what you want!


Anonymous said...

This looks lovely, Rosa! I love the photo of the round little jars. They look just gorgeous!

Rosa said...

Thanks Maninas, I bought those cute little jars to give the jam as gifts. Generosity only goes so far when it comes to jam...!

Wendy said...

Apricot jam is my favourite! Well, one of them anyway. For someone who doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, I adore jam. :)
Your photo captures the colour of the jam wonderfully! And those rounded jars are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

OH how divine... if I could buy some beautiful jars here I might feel inspired to make jam too!

Rosa said...

Stephanie, the jars are lovely but tricky to fill - I ended up creating a little paper funnel, which worked quite well!